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Mount Sion Secondary


Mount Sion CBS has joined forces with the Education, Audiovisual and
Culture Executive Agency to introduce an Erasmus program to the school.
It allows organisations from different participating countries to work
together, to develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative
approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.

Our initiative is based on languages in the school. We are using the
platform called eTwinning to develop relationships and language between
our Spanish counterparts.

Ms. Leen and Ms. Byrne started the project in 2019. Our project, “Learning
together and from each other" is funded by Erasmus + and organised by
Léargas, our national funding agency. We paired up with IES EL Carrascal,
a secondary school in Arganda, 27km from Madrid. We travelled with 15
students. The students immersed themselves into Spanish school life.
Spanish and Irish students worked together on ongoing eTwinning projects
but getting to know each other, and simply chatting seemed to be their
favourite part. We continue to work remotely with our Spanish
counterparts in hopes of our second exchange.

Our Spanish counterpart had planned to visit Mount Sion CBS in April
2020, however due to the current COVID restrictions this has been
postponed until further notice.