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Mount Sion Secondary

A.S.D. Class

ASD Class: Homeroom

In September 2020 Mount Sion CBS Secondary opened its first ASD class called the Homeroom. The Homeroom is a bright, spacious and welcoming room which is used by many of our students who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism is a neurological disorder where the person diagnosed processes information differently to many of their peers.

The students also learn and develop techniques and strategies which help them deal with stress and anxiety.

The Homeroom is a space where students with ASD get academic support. Along with
academic support, the students who access this room also gain social skills, life skills and communicative skills. Some of the students who access the Homeroom participate in activities such as Art, Yoga, Fitness classes, Cooking, Gardening and Music. The students also learn and develop techniques and strategies which help them deal with stress and anxiety.

The L2LP is completed by some of the students who access the Homeroom. Through L2LP the students learn and develop their life skills. Trips and outings are an essential part of the Homeroom as it allows students to gain confidence in dealing with day-to-day tasks such as buying items in shops and banking. The facilities attached to the Homeroom are a kitchenette, sensory room, a social area and one classroom.

ASD Application Form

Learning 2 Learn Programme (L2LP)

The L2LP is a programme designed for students with special educational needs who currently can't access the Junior Certificate. The Learning 2 Learn Programmes (L2LPS) are aligned to Lever 2 of the NationalFramework Qualification (NFQ). L2LP is aimed towards students who have general learning disabilities in the higher functioning moderate and low functioning mild categories.

Students can complete the L2LPs while undertaken the mainstream classes however there may be certain situations where it is more appropriate to teach students on a one-to-one basis' or in small groups. Students who are completing the L2LP may also access some of the Level 3 subjects if it is attainable to that specific student.

There are 5 key areas of learning known as Priority Learning Units (PLU). The PLUs are communication and Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Care, Living in the Community and Preparing forWork. Students completing the L2LPs will also undertake two short courses. Some of the short courses available from JCT are Caring for Animals, Digital Media Literacy and CSI: Exploring Forensic Science. The courses overlap and interlink with much of the mainstream classes, therefore the learning outcomes can be achieved in the mainstream classes.

Gathering evidence for assessment can be done be videos, photograph's, worksheets and audio. Grading is on the basis of Achieved. Each unit that the students undertake in this programme help for the student to develop holistically and prepare them for life after school.