Our Promise to You

We take the responsibility of carefully spending funds raised for this project very seriously.

Every euro and cent we receive for this project will be fully accounted for and used exclusively for delivering this dream for our pupils. Through an existing commitment of professional support from our partners at Genzyme Waterford, we aim to deliver the project without spending any of the funds raised on consultancy services such as engineering, architectural design, planning or marketing.

All donors will receive updates on the various milestones in project delivery and – once the works are completed and all funds dispersed – we will distribute a full account showing where the monies raised have been invested for the benefit of our current and future students.

This infrastructure project has various stages – we aim to deliver as many of these as possible this summer. The all-weather surface multi-sports pitch will be delivered this summer, at a cost of €60,000. However, as funds allow, we also plan to build an outdoor gym and a basketball court.

Taken together, these elements will transform the school environment for our pupils and mean that we can fully cater on-site for pupils who participate in individual and team sports – ensuring that all boys can exercise daily, regardless of whether they are on one of our school teams.